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Message to the School Community

Message to the School Community

Fighting is not tolerated in any way at Glenmore State High School.

Any incidents of this nature are considered extremely serious and we take strong disciplinary action against any perpetrators.

I will also look at disciplinary action against any student involved in organising, filming, uploading footage to social media, or even encouraging violence of this nature.

I make no apology for taking a hard line when the safety and wellbeing of our students is compromised.

Incidents may also be referred to the Police for further investigation.

Glenmore State High School has a zero tolerance approach to bad behaviour.

The standards of student behaviour we expect is set by the wider school community and outlined in the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for students.

Every student at Glenmore State High School is aware of these standards and the consequences when these standards are not met.

If parents have any questions or concerns, they are strongly encouraged to contact me to discuss them.
Janet Young