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Please ensure you are on a PC or Apple to view and have Silverlight installed as I Pads and I Phones will not run the content.

1. Print out these instructions to navigate and access shortcuts within this resource

2. Watch the Promotional DVD clip that runs for approximately 4 minutes, this will continue to loop when finished.  If you want it to stop playing, just click on another tab and open another page within this website.
3. Click on the Additional Resources tab on the top right of the screen and click on and open up the Hidden Histories Teaching Notes Timeline – Fraser Coast  
4.  Print this out as this is like your TV guide, it outlines the 9 hours of content for the Fraser Coast Story alone.  This is your bird’s eye view of the project and details by topic, poster, era every minute and second of the project.
5. Exit from this page back to the home page of and have a look through the other tabs or click on the Fraser Coast picture to the left of the Promo DVD
6. You are now in Mediasite where the content is housed.  This is your menu and now you can go to each poster specifically and find the info/topic you are after, remember your TV guide will assist you in finding where it is.
7.  Once you have opened a poster and the predominately black screen pops up, click the little 'i' icon down the left hand bottom of page and that will pop up a menu for that poster.  In that menu window, click on the word 'chapters' on the right hand side of screen and that will give you the full menu of topics within that poster, use arrows down the side to navigate full list and your away.  You just click on the topic you want to know more about and it will take you straight there.  All those in capitals will take you to the start of that persons conversation with a heading, smaller writing will be where that additional topics comes up within that persons' whole speech.  There are 9 hours of content alone for Fraser Coast!!! To make that content screen disappear, click on the X  to the right of the word chapters and ensure that you have pressed the Play button again back down the bottom left hand side of screen.